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Children with cancer experience pain, often severe and prolonged, over the course of their disease and treatment.  We are partnering with “The Centre for Pediatric Pain Research” and a research team of internationally known health researchers and clinicians led by Dr. Christine Chambers (IWK Health Centre) and Dr. Jennifer Stinson (SickKids) to bring the best research evidence about children’s cancer pain to parents who need it through social media

Unfortunately, we know that children with cancer don’t always receive the best pain management possible, and that parents are often looking for more solutions at a time when they are stressed and exhausted. We cannot think of a better way to use our trusted CKN platform than to fast track evidence-based information to parents, allowing them to serve as powerful advocates to help improve their children’s pain management.

We will be addressing this problem through a social media campaign for parents: “Making Cancer Less Painful For Kids” (#KidsCancerPain). The campaign is funded by a research grant from the Canadian Cancer Society.

Over the next 12 months, we will be bringing parents the very best, cutting-edge research evidence about children’s cancer pain – what causes it, common myths, how to assess it, how to treat it, and more! And we’ll be sharing this information with parents in a series of blogs, videos, images, Facebook posts, and Twitter chats, all posted and shared on our website and social media.  The research team will be studying the reach of the campaign and its impact on parents.

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The MATCH Study: Mindfulness And Tai chi for Cancer Health



CKN is committed to improving the quality of life of cancer patients and their caregivers by publishing evidence-based content that is relevant to our viewers.  Recently we were introduced to The MATCH Study led by Dr. Linda Carlson at the University of Calgary that invites eligible cancer survivors to participate in a ground-breaking clinical trial using Mindfulness Meditation and Tai Chi/Qigong.

CKN is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Dr. Carlson and her team to publish research-based resources about how these therapies have been shown to improve quality of life for cancer survivors, and to help recruit survivors for this study.  We invite you to follow along for the next 12 months as we explore the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation and Tai Chi/Qigong for cancer survivors, as well as hearing first-hand accounts from participants in the study.




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Oncofertility Referral Network

Oncofertility has emerged as a new interdisciplinary approach to address the reproductive future of young men, women, and children facing a life-preserving but fertility threatening cancer diagnosis. The CKN Oncofertility Referral Network is a nationwide platform that links patients, physicians and fertility clinics to ensure time-sensitive needs are met in providing fertility options for young cancer patients as they embark on treatment.