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Being well informed is essential when making conscious choices about cancer.  CKN is committed to distilling first-rate medical research into practical narratives designed to improve the quality of life of those living with cancer and their medical teams.  The CKN approach to living with cancer is unique:  while supporting studies that speak to the power that personal connections hold in the healing process, we deliver relevant narratives addressing topics that are less acknowledged in mainstream cancer culture – written by both professionals and experienced lay people.  Our mission is to inform our readers in practical ways so that they are able to make solid, conscious choices in their day to day living and improve their quality of life in the process.

Cancer Knowledge Network

Editor's Feature


Does Caregiving End When Treatment Ends?

by Katie Narvarte, Caregiver


I began searching for an answer to this question the only way a first-time writer trying to impress her audience knows how – stress eating and Google Scholar. Unfortunately, I found that stress-eating makes me sleepy and research

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