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Cancer Knowledge Network and Current Oncology are proudly published by Multimed Inc. 0
  • Lorne Cooper CEO Multimed Inc.
  • Megan Simpson CKN Writer
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  • Timothy Buckland Survivor
  • Pat Taylor CKN Caregiver Section Editor
  • Jonathan Agin CKN Childhood Cancer Section Editor
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  • Sue McKechnie CKN Advisory Board Member

Cancer Knowledge Network (CKN), developed and published by Multimed Inc., is North America’s most widely read cancer education resource.  What sets us apart from the crowd?  Contrary to most cancer organizations in North America, CKN offers its readers a tangible, practical way of living with cancer, from beginning to end.  Credible, vetted, and relevant information is offered to viewers on every level of the cancer continuum.  We don’t shy away from the difficult topics; we embrace them as integral parts of living with cancer.  Whether our viewers are newly diagnosed, long term survivors, caregivers or oncology professionals, CKN provides the navigation system through which they can find their way.
Cancer is a journey…we’re with you every step of the way.

Cancer Knowledge Network

Editor's Feature


Looking For Light in a Dark Room

by Anna Craig, Living with Cancer
Over the past decade, the young adult cancer movement has been breaking ground in providing support and services for individuals under forty with a cancer diagnosis. The Young Adult Cancer movement is

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