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Bridging the Gap between Oncology Patients and Professionals

A Note from the CKN Team

Please join us in welcoming our new Social Media Editor, Dr. Mark Lewis

“The Internet is full of information, but not all medical content is created equal. Some citations are outdated, others were never reliable or legitimately grounded in evidence to begin with. Furthermore, much of the most exciting, cutting-edge research is presented via language and statistics that can seem impenetrable. Such jargon presents a significant obstacle to a self-advocating patient or their caregiver, who seeks to ensure they are receiving the best treatment for their cancer. As such, I seek to clarify meaningful findings in the ever-advancing field of oncology in a manner that is more comprehensible and which encourages respectful dialogue between cancer researchers and the patient population they ultimately serve.”

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Featured Articles

Cancer Knowledge Network and Stephanie Madsen team up for Young Adult cancer patients and their cancer teams. #YARally

“It is my goal that by partnering with CKN, our voices will be heard where often they are overlooked. I invite you to join me in the movement to shine the spotlight on our generation as we face challenges many simply do not face. Cancer doesn’t define your life, and I hope to rally beside the men and women of my generation to help pave the way for improved care and heightened awareness.”

– Stephanie Madsen

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Canadian Cancer Society Grant:
Making Cancer Less Painful for Kids

CKN is pleased to announce that in partnership with Drs. Christine Chambers, Jennifer Stinson and others, our Canadian Cancer Society grant “Cancer Pain Assessment and Management in Children: Using Social Media to Bridge the Gap” is set to launch in early 2016.

The goal of this grant is to increase parent awareness and use of evidence-based knowledge about children’s cancer pain. Our team will develop, implement, and evaluate an integrated social media campaign called “Making Cancer Less Painful For Kids”. The partnership will capitalize on CKN’s well-established reach and engagement via their website, e-newsletter, and social media. We look forward to working with this amazing group of childhood cancer advocates on this very special project. Stay tuned….

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The Team

Lorne Cooper - CEO, Multimed Inc.

Lorne’s ability to develop a conceptual model into practical programs and sustainable businesses is an expertise sought out by many corporations, non-profit organizations and small businesses. His ability to ascertain the marketplace and identify key opportunities for project development has been the cornerstone of his career.
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Karen Irwin - CKN Project Co-ordinator

As Project Coordinator, Karen liaises with all CKN editors and writers and is responsible for managing the website and its editorial content.  Karen brings her unique personal perspective to CKN, after losing her son to cancer at the age of 7.  As a pediatric caregiver her experience and insight plays an important role.
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Oncofertility Referral Network

Oncofertility has emerged as a new interdisciplinary approach to address the reproductive future of young men, women, and children facing a life-preserving but fertility threatening cancer diagnosis. The CKN Oncofertility Referral Network is a nationwide platform that links patients, physicians and fertility clinics to ensure time-sensitive needs are met in providing fertility options for young cancer patients as they embark on treatment.